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Rainbow Pond Scattering Tube kit

Rainbow Pond Scattering Tube kit

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Biodegradable Rainbow Pond Scattering Kit

This kit includes five Rainbow Pond Scattering Tubes made from high-quality pre-consumer recycled paper, in a custom engravable case. The symbolic and meaningful design of the Rainbow Pond tokens serves as a reminder of the peace and hope that your loved one brought to your life. These 40 Cubic Inches Scattering Kits include 5 matching Scattering Tubes that are 40 cubic inches each, for a total of 200 cubic inches. 

Available Scattering Kit:

19" x 10" x 3" (200 Cubic Inches Total)

Federal regulations must be followed when placing any of these urns at sea (no closer than 3 nautical miles from shore).

This product is available in 4-Packs, 6-Packs, or 12-Packs. Please call us for Pricing: 1-866-946-0030.

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Rainbow Pond Scattering Tube kit
199.00 $199.00