Choosing an Urn - TIPS

Tips for Choosing the Right Cremation Urn

With the loss of a loved one come many concerns and decisions.  One of the first considerations is choosing to have a traditional burial or opting for cremation. If you decide on cremation, you will want to give your loved one the respect they deserve. Choosing the right urn to contain the remains of your loved one after they have been cremated takes careful consideration.  These tips will help you through this process.

Perhaps the first consideration will be price.  With a great number of options available to you, it will be important to decide how much you want to spend on an urn.  Look at what is available in your local area or conduct an online search to give you ideas of prices and quality.  There are many good options for beautiful, high-quality urns in every price range.  You will feel good about finding the right urn for your special loved one within your budget.

Another consideration, which may be tied to the cost of the urn, is the material of the urn.  Again, there are many options from which to choose, including beautiful wood, ceramic, and even stained glass urns. You can also customize the urn for your loved one, although this option will undoubtedly cost extra.

Finally, the display method or final resting place is another consideration when choosing an urn.  You may choose to place the urn in a climate-controlled environment, a commonly chosen method, or you may choose to conduct a burial ceremony, and/or choose to place the urn in a specially made vault.


Please note: An urn can be too small, it cannot be too big.