Solar Memorials

Solar Memorials are a new innovation in energy efficiency and a wonderful way of memorializing a loved one's grave. Unique products, such as Solar Cross, Solar Angel, Bibles, and Candles are built to withstand the elements so that you can leave these outdoors years round.
These types of remembrance gifts are becoming a more and more popular choice. When a loved one passes, there is no reason to let their memory fade. Each time you visit the place of their burial or their memorial, the flickering soft light of the solar bible memorial will provide you with peace and
happy memories
Most of these items are solar-powered and illuminate through the night to mark the deceased's grave or a
memorial garden in a beautiful way.

Solar Angels

The solar angel is a wonderful way of remembering a departed loved one. The soft glow of the solar angel brings peace and comfort to the grieving.

Solar Christian Memorial Light

The solar cross memorial is yet another Christian symbol of everlasting life and peace with God. In daylight, the solar panels will generate enough power to give you a warm, soft glow that lasts all through the night.

The Solar Bible Memorial

A solar bible represents a Christian symbol of ever-lasting hope and love. Wherever you place it, this memento will make a wonderful tribute to your loved one. 

Solar Candles

The light of a candle has always been a sign of steadfast love and faith in dark times. A solar candle gives this tradition a literally new light by emitting a gentle glow that lasts all year long. This constant reminder of devotion to loved ones and faith in their everlasting life can also be installed for special occasions such as holidays or anniversaries, providing an extra tribute to the departed during these special times. 

Solar Memorials can be adorned with different bible quotes, and their beautiful glow can inspire peace and fond