Price of Cremation

Our pricing information is a guideline only. Markets change frequently which impacts the actual cost you will pay for a cremation.

Why Cremation is the Way to Go

The Cremation Society of North America promotes the use of cremation urns as the preferred method of disposal. As the population increases, the land becomes scarce and cemeteries reach their limits. Creation is a viable option and has been used throughout time and across the globe. 

  • Cost-effective- Organizing a funeral while mourning the loss of a loved one is a heavy burden– particularly with the additional pressures of large bills. Cremations, however, eliminate the costs of expensive caskets, headstones, or cemetery plots. 
  • Space is no longer an issue- The shortage of burial land in the wake of the growing population is a serious crisis. A cremation urn takes up considerably less space than needed for a casket and vault.
  • Simplicity-  Many people do not like the pageantry associated with a traditional funeral and prefer a simpler option. The simplicity of cremation leaves the level of the ceremony up to your discretion. As an added bonus, embalming is not required.
  • A personal touch- Cremation offers you or your loved one a final opportunity for self-definition. Ashes are no longer kept only in crematorium memorial gardens. You can have your ashes scattered into the ocean, placed on a mantelpiece, or even stored in jewelry – a keepsake for those you’ve left behind. Incidentally, cremation jewelry is fast becoming a popular method of remembering departed loved ones.

It’s Tough to Say Goodbye to Pets.

They are loving members of the family and occupy a special place in their loved one's hearts. When their time comes, it can be very difficult to let go.

Research shows that people all over the world have honored the deaths of their pets, cremating and burying them in small urns at pet cemeteries for centuries. An archaeological team in Palestine actually discovered an ancient pet cemetery with the remains of approximately 1000 dogs from the period 539 to 332 B.C.

Saying goodbye to your pet is just as relevant today, and even simpler. Wearing a piece of cremation urn jewelry – a pendant or ring – is the perfect way to ensure that your pet always stays with you. 

Cremation Urns – Make that Choice

There is a clear choice to be made when it comes to the future of burials. While traditional wooden caskets and headstones remain popular, cremation is proving to be a far more cost-effective, convenient, and green option. It has even become the preferred method for pets- there are now more than five hundred pet crematoriums in the United States alone.
Cremation and burial urns have always been an integral part of funeral burial practices around the world, and they will continue to spread until they become the universal favorite method for burial services.  

Cremation is becoming a more and more popular choice in Western countries, and it’s always been the standard in other countries as well. As burial prices increase and people become aware of the many preferable alternatives, cremation becomes more frequent. Cremation prices significantly undercut those of a traditional burial, on which over $4,000 is considered normal. Cremations are often achievable for less than $1,000.  While there are many religions that prefer not to cremate, most don’t expressly forbid it, so it should be the choice for anyone that needs to save money.

A complete package (including the cost of the temporary urn as well as the actual process and sometimes burial), will vary from $700 to $1400, depending on where you are. Prices are higher in denser areas near large cities, while cheaper packages are generally the norm in rural locations. Regardless of where you are, by its very nature cremation prices, will always be significantly lower than traditional funeral costs. The only less expensive alternative would be a home funeral with a green burial, using a shroud and a green cemetery instead of caskets and burial plots.

Cremation is the best option both for people who choose not to let their body decompose underground or who want to save their family's difficulty and financial burden. 

Cremation Prices – What To Expect. Cremation Prices Can Vary.

If you are considering cremation for your loved one, your local funeral director will help you determine cremation prices and dates. When it comes to exact cremation prices, they will vary from the crematorium to crematorium. You should discuss this with several funeral directors to ensure you receive the most appropriate service for your loved one. Although finances may be far from your mind at such trying times, you don’t want to get taken advantage of.

Having a close friend compile a list of cremation prices and other important details for you can provide much-needed relief, as well as time to come to terms with your loss. 

Many people enjoy putting mementos of their lives in with their loved ones as they are cremated, in order to add a personal touch and a sense of closure. As long as they are not flammable, this is a great way to say goodbye to your loved one. 
You also need to decide what sort of urn you will want to use for your loved one's ashes. You could go with a standard brass or bronze urn, or you could have an urn created especially for them. Please see While this does affect the overall range of cremation prices, it provides a lovely and lasting memento for you.