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Memorial Stationery: Floral Design

This memorial set includes everything needed for a funeral chapel, church or home memorial service. Everything can easily be packed into the handmade box and transported to wherever the service or gathering is scheduled to take place. The floral theme that runs though the core of this design, features actual fresh flowers that are painstakingly added to the stationery items by hand.

Once the parchment and envelopes, and the order of service folders are used, the space left inside the box can be used to store personal mementos of the deceased.

Each set contains:

  • Memorial Guest Book
  • Photo Album
  • Photo Frame
  • Order of Service Cards
  • Memorial Parchment and Envelopes
  • Healing Aromatherapy Sticks and Decorative Holder

Individual items can be ordered to supplement the set.

Memorial Guest Book
8.75"x 8.75"
90 unlined pages

Photo Album
8.75"x 8.75" Accommodates 40
6" x 4" photos

Photo Frame
8.75" x 8.75" Accommodates
6" x 4" photos

Order of Service Cards
25 Cards

Envelope Set
25 Envelopes and Parchment

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