Etern.Life Memorial Code

Etern.Life Memorial Code

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Memorial Map

Our Memorial Map allows you to create a permanent online tribute for your loved one, regardless of their final resting place. Whether scattered at sea, on a mountaintop, or anywhere special, you can mark the location and share memories with friends and family.

Your urn from Green Burials includes a unique code to let you GeoTag the exact location of the final resting place. You will be able to create your unique memorial page here, share it with friends and family, and see where other families have chosen to scatter remains of their loved ones. 

Use this system to mark the exact location (within a few feet) of where the cremated remains/urn are laid to rest. We create a permanent online memorial for a loved one, marking the final resting place of their cremated remains no matter where they were laid to rest. You can then upload a photograph and create a personal online memorial on our Memorial Map that can be viewed by friends and family.

Please call us for more details: 1-866-946-0030

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Etern.Life Memorial Code