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Pale Blue Cornstarch Urn

Made from durable and environmentally-friendly cornstarch. Featuring a secure “snap lock” closing mechanism to close the urn permanently. Can be kept at home or placed in a cemetery niche or columbarium. Will not biodegrade or deteriorate until buried. When buried in the earth, the urn will biodegrade completely over time. (The time taken to biodegrade will vary depending on local soil conditions).

Includes a biodegradable bag for the cremated remains to be placed in prior to closing the urn. Each urn comes in a convenient carry box that can be used for discreet and convenient transportation.

Size: 6.75” Dia. x 10.25” H (238 Cubic Inches)

This product is available in 2-Packs and 4-Packs. Please call us for Pricing: 1-866-946-0030.

test 1 Durable and environmentally-friendly cornstarch.
test 2 A beautiful pale blue color, earth biodegradable ash keeper.
test 4 Earth Burial.
Description Cornstarch Earth Urn-Pale Blue. PI-00096
Clockspeed 6.75”Dia. x 10.25”H (238 Cubic Inches)

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