GREEN BURIALS is an Informational Research Resource website. As a Seller of Green and Natural Burial Cremation Urns that adhere to the Green Burial Council standards and best practice methods, we offer smart, compassionate, "Green" Eco-Friendly Urns, Caskets, Scattering Tubes, and Shrouds. Other biodegradable funerals/cremation & memorial products include jewelry, Eco-Friendly Stationery, and Pet specific urns. All Cremation Urns come with the added distinction of being airport security x-ray approved to pass through in carry-on luggage.

Our urns are TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved and have earned the highest "THREE LEAF"  rating by the Green Burial Council Standards/Eco-Rating System for Products.


We have the pleasure of servicing numerous families and commercial enterprise,repeat customers .

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