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Bamboo Shroud - Ground Shipping Included

Bamboo Shroud with Handles

Large: 112”L x 73”W
X Large: 118”L x 78”W
Sewn pocket accommodates the backboard (board not included) to support the body. Includes eight jute handles for lifting and carrying.
Lift-weight tested to 300 lbs.

Bamboo Shroud without Handles

Large: 112”L x 73”W
X Large: 118”L x 78”W
A simple wrap with decorative ribbons.
Has no handles or pockets for the backboard, and must be (or highly recommended) used with a willow carrier, casket, or coffin.

Crafted by hand from soft, yet durable bamboo fabric. Both can be cremated or buried. Floral embellishments are not included.

Please ensure you have chosen the correct size.

Note: All caskets, coffins and shrouds include a personalized/engraved bamboo plaque. Ground Shipping is included in the price.

In regard to the Bamboo Plaque: You may request the plaque to be with or without predrilled holes. Predrilled plaques will include natural ties to tie or sew, to any area on the shroud.

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