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4-Point Bamboo Casket

One Size: 6’5” - 80"L x 27"W x 16"H 

One Size: 
Inside77"L x 24"W x 14"H
Outside80"L x 27"W x 16"H

A simple, yet dignified bamboo casket option suitable for viewing and services prior to burial or greener cremation.

Six handles for easy transportation

· Ships flat-packed to save space and reduce carbon emissions

· Easily assembled in minutes, with no tools

· Available assembled for an additional fee

Earth-Friendly, Renewable Construction.  Our bamboo caskets, coffins, and simple containers are made from sustainable bamboo, much of which is grown, harvested and processed close to our factory.  They have absolutely no metal or plastic components and are fully biodegradable.

Crafted by hand from fast-growing materials. These are created with sleek, sharp edges for a naturally contemporary look. In-person, they are more natural, warmer, and more dignified than other basic cremation options (which are usually cardboard).

Each Four-Point Bamboo Casket includes an absorbent quilt in the base and a full cotton lining, with a matching pillow. Six handles across the sides allow for easy transportation, and the caskets are weight-tested to 350 lbs. An optional viewing lid makes this a perfect product for viewings or services followed by burial or cremation.

These are delivered flat-packed and assembled easily with no tools. They are designed to drastically lower the environmental impact of basic caskets and cremation containers from creation, through shipping, and eventually in use.

Shipped directly to where you need it, cemetery, funeral home, etc.

Note: All caskets and coffins include a personalized bamboo plaque with the purchase of a casket or coffin.  Ground Shipping is included in the price.

This product is available in 2-Packs and 4-Packs. Please call us for Pricing: 1-866-946-0030.

Clockspeed One Size: 6’5” - 80"L x 27"W x 16"H

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